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What We Do...


Gathering Space

Our curated spaces are free to reserve by groups who wish to provide enriching experiences and connective opportunities for the public. We provide the hospitality, you provide the event.


Workshops • Classes • Retreats

We offer FREE arts and cultural workshops where anyone, regardless of background, can benefit from the power of creative learning and community engagement.


Local Artist Retail 

Browse our selection of local artists' work that we have on display for sale.  We are giving artists, who do not have an opportunity to sell their art in any other retail or gallery space, a place to sell their art commission and rent free. 

What We Believe...

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Self- Expression

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Who We Were...

Romantic Gift

The Gift of Possibility


Art & Connection represents a present-day part of the Reid family's long history of philanthropic legacy.

It began with Glenn Reid, the father of Sheri Reid Grant, and the lasting impression of innovation and leadership that he gave her. Following his success in the automotive industry in southeast Michigan, Glenn Reid founded the Reid Family Foundation and opened a museum, free to the public, that showcased his personal collection of bronze miniature engines and model vehicles. His daughter, Sheri Reid Grant, left teaching full-time to work for the foundation and the museum, enabling her the opportunity to raise her children as a single mother. This valuable opportunity to both work and devote time to her children would not have been possible without the efforts of her father, and so she continues her father's mission to provide the gift of possibility.

After her mother and father died, the family liquidated the museum and auctioned off the bronze works to an international audience. This was part of the strategic plan to both fund the foundation so that it could continue its mission, and to share and spread Glenn Reid's legacy - now his bronze works can be seen and appreciated around the world in public and private collections. Some of the bronze works can still be found at Art & Connection, as a part of Reid Grant's personal collection.

After having been diagnosed with a rare disease, followed by reconstructive surgery in 2021, Sheri Reid Grant re-evaluated her plans to live on Lake Michigan year-round. She sold her property and bought the building that was to become Art & Connection. Her vision for the Reid Family Foundation's next project was a community gathering space where people could connect and grow in a safe place, and to continue onward in an inspired direction to do good works in their own communities. Reid Grant sees art as a unifier: Regardless of personal, political, or ethnic, financial background, all people can use creativity as a tool for communication, connection, and joy. Art also has the power to be both healing and transformational, without having to be regulated or pursued as an official therapy. Thus, in connecting the link between the transformational power of art and offering community space, Art & Connection was born.

Art & Connection officially opened its doors to the public in June 2022.


Who We Are...


Sheri Reid Grant



Veronica (Vern) Beitner

Art Center Director


Kathryn Nash

Program Director


Jim Misiak

Maintenance Manager


Mary Spiegel


Plus a large number of volunteers, teachers and students who have become Art & Connection's family.

What We Envision...

Results from the 2022 Idea Fest

Build a Stage

The community expressed a desire for a variety performing arts programs, and a stage for speakers, theatre, and music would provide the ideal space.

Artist Spotlight

We wish to celebrate the creativity and talent in our region by featuring artists who live or work in this region through providing the artists space to showcase and sell their work commission-free, as well as to meet the community during special artist talks and exhibitions.


We offer the opportunity to collaborate on projects and events that provide creative or cultural impact in the community. Examples include murals, public sculptures, art workshops, guest lectures, and more.

Art Therapy

Certified therapists lead some of our art workshops and provide an integrative, holistic approach to creativity, exploration, healing, and discovery. 

Kindness Rock Garden

In our painted rock garden, the public is invited to take a rock and leave a rock: The rocks will be filled with beautiful painted designs and inspirational words.

Special Exhibits

Our seasonal rotating exhibits will feature special collections curated by museums, universities, and other organizations.

Summer Art Camps

 We acknowledge that art is a valuable tool for all ages, and the youth 

Enrichment Talks

Join us to listen to talks given by guest educators and community leaders for a little community enrichment. Think of it as our own version of "TEDx".

Destination Mural

Encompassing the entire south side of our building, our mural will be a "destination" - a hot place to visit and interact with when people visit Elk Rapids. Our 2022-2023 national mural competition will open to artists soon.

Selling Local Art

Our artist gallery will feature booths of work by local artists. Work is available for purchase with 100% of the sales going to the artist.

Youth Programs

We are working on offering Existing youth organizations may also apply to reserve our space for their special events.

Community Projects

We are open to partnering with local groups and organizations to offer more exciting projects that benefit the community.

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